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You’re here because you don’t like your boring, dead-end job, you want to get into programming, you want a new computer-focused career, or you want to level up your skills. There’s that constant nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you need to be doing so much more.

You’re excited about opportunities provided by computer-related skills and jobs because you know the potential is massive.

Successful programmers, administrators, and analysts can work from home, launch online businesses, command large high-paying consulting deals, deliver products previously only seen in science fiction, work around the world, and that’s just the beginning.

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Success isn’t immediate, and it won’t happen at all if you aren’t disciplined.

You no longer need to join elite industries and enterprises to be successful in technology industries. Smart engineers know exactly where they want to take their skills and how to find the right information to get there.

They have busy lives and busy schedules. They don’t want to be lead in the wrong direction and definitely can’t afford to spend weeks on end going down the wrong paths.

Computers can skyrocket careers and net worth. They (and you) need to know how to get there.

This blog is for those smart engineers, and this blog is for you.

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